The Birth of The Culture Club

The four of us who make up the Culture Club first met on the 28th June, 2006. This was at AM’s invitation, with the stated aim of discussing works of art and culture of lasting value with others who have a passion for such things. It was a great night, enjoyed by all, and we soon found ourselves enthusing about the possibilities, arguing about the rules and generally getting stuck in.

AM summed up the evening with the following email, which I’ll here take the liberty of posting:

I must confess I wasn’t sure how it was going to pan out but I think we came up with a good framework for the next meeting, an understanding about what we wanted to achieve from the club and had a good time as well.

As promised here are brief notes from the meeting…

We agreed two firm ground rules:

  1. We will commit to listen to or read at least once whatever we have decided to discuss at the next meeting
  2. We will approach all our explorations with an open mind and with appreciation

We decided that at every meeting we would have a ‘night-cap’. Each group member will bring along an artefact (it could be a painting, poem, music, document etc) connected in some way, however loosely, to the agreed topic and we will allow 30 minutes talking about them at the end of the meeting..

We also agreed that for the next meeting we would focus on 6 Yeats poems chosen by TT and also listen to Sibelius’s 5th Symphony.

We will meet again on Thursday 20 July at 8pm.

And thus the Culture Club was born. Long may it continue.


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