Bill Bailey Reunited With The Famous Five

Bill Bailey, the well known actor, comedian, musician and polymath, was reunited with myself and other members of the pop band The Famous Five on BBC2’s Comedy Map Of Britain.

I’ve captured the relevant footage below. As for me (Tim), I’m on the far right at the table in the Moles club scene. But can you spot me in the photos of the band from the early 1980s?


This is not strictly a culture-related story, but it involves me, so I’m blogging it. (Although Bill is appearing in Pinter’s People at the moment, so there’s the cultural angle).


2 responses to “Bill Bailey Reunited With The Famous Five”

  1. Being A Founder Member of the Famous Five Fan Club (Bath Division) I can only say what a pleasure it was to see the re-union both on BBC’s Comedy Map of Great Britain and here on Tim’s Bog … and not forgetting of course further exposure between Paul Merton and Bill in Room 101 …. I look forward to the re-union concert, meanwhile … the memories live on.

  2. Tim! Great to see you. I’m in some of those pictures too. Brooding? Androgenous? Pretending? I remember the basement in Batheaston very fondly.

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