Video: Analysis of Don Giovanni

This video from San Diego Opera Talk series provides a useful analysis of the opera Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Lorenzo Da Ponte.

Nick Reveles talks through some of the dramatic and musical elements of the opera, providing insight into some of the themes of the work and the effects that Mozart and Da Ponte use to bring the characters alive and provide substance to the drama.

If you’re interested in the musical analysis, skip straight to 8 minutes 45 seconds. It’s not overly technical and doesn’t require musical knowledge to follow.

At 24 minutes and 15 seconds, Nick Reveles talks through the best recordings of the work on CD.


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  1. Insightful in a general sense. Would love to hear detailed analysis and examples of individual characters, both musically and with regard to social identity. Presented in a comfoftable and accessible way.

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