by ttucker23 on January 29, 2012

The next theme for Culture Club is… ‘Reality’.

This was my choice, following on from our theme of ‘madness’ from last time.

Here are the works we’ll be discussing:

Plus the following poems by Dylan Thomas:

  • Ears in the turrets hear
  • Poem on his birthday
  • A winter’s tale
  • Into her lying down head
  • Love in the asylum
  • Ceremony after a fire raid
  • In country sleep
  • Fern Hill
  • From love’s first fever to her plague
  • The force that through the green fuse drives the flower
  • Especially when the October wind
  • Light breaks where no sun shines
  • And death shall have no dominion
  • After the funeral
  • A refusal to mourn the death, by fire, of a child in London
  • Poem in October
  • Do not go gentle into that good night
  • In my craft or sullen art

Finally the prose work by Dylan Thomas, A Prospect of the Sea.

The theme is a loose one – I guess it’s to look at how each of these works explores the nature of reality, and asks the question ‘How do we experience reality?’

I hope it makes sense. I’m currently reading the Henry Green, which is wonderful – I think I see why he’s been referred to as a ‘writer’s writer’.

If I get time I’ll write some thoughts (although time seems to be in increasingly short supply at the moment).

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N October 4, 2012 at 2:15 pm

I am reading some of Dylan Thomas now…and considering the theme of “reality” as well …nice club by the way

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