Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake and the Supernatural

I’ve often heard people say that ballet is overrated: dance set to substandard music packed with rather gushy, romantic lightweight boy-meets-girl themes. I would agree that ballet is all about sex (albeit of a highly cultivated nature) but I don’t see anything intrinsically wrong with that. There is also something ethereal about an art form… Continue reading Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake and the Supernatural

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The Fascination of Blake

Since the last meeting I have found that Blake’s Marriage of Heaven and Hell has really stayed with me. And so I was delighted and interested to see a great piece by Philip Pullman in the Christmas edition of The New Statesman with an intensely personal view on how Blake resonates with us all. I’m… Continue reading The Fascination of Blake

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Introduction to Juvenal

This is an excellent feature on Juvenal which adds a bit more to the Penguin Classics introduction. Check out this link: A few gems here including the fact that there is a total vocabulary in all 16 satires of 4,790 words in of which a startling 2,130 are hapax legomena (words that appear only… Continue reading Introduction to Juvenal

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