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  • The Origin of Mephostophilis

    An interesting note in the New Mermaid edition of Doctor Faustus states that the name Mephostophilis wasn’t known before the Faustus legend. A.E. Taylor, in a letter to T.L.S. (6th December 1917) suggested that it might derive from the Greek me faustopheles, which translates as ‘no true friend to Faustus’.

  • Doctor Faustus, by Christopher Marlowe – Thematic Cohesion

    As with much great Renaissance drama, many of the scenes and speeches within Doctor Faustus reflect the overall theme, creating a powerful thematic cohesion. For example, the scenes depicting the Pope’s arrogance and abuse of his power reflect Faustus’s actions when using the magic that Mephostophilis provides him with. Likewise the Horse-courser’s curiosity with regards…