Video: Jack Kerouac, King of the Beats

Here’s a full length documentary on Jack Kerouac and the Beats I found at Google Video. [googlevideo=]

Introduction to Juvenal

This is an excellent feature on Juvenal which adds a bit more to the Penguin Classics introduction. Check out this link: A few gems here including the fact that there is a total vocabulary in all 16 satires of 4,790 words in of which a startling 2,130 are hapax legomena (words that appear only… Continue reading Introduction to Juvenal

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Download The Classics With Google

Google Book Search now enables you to download PDF versions of out-of-copyright books and print them out for yourself. Examples of books available include: Ferriar’s The Bibliomania A futurist from 1881’s 1931: A Glance at the Twentieth Century Aesop’s Fables Shakespeare’s Hamlet Abbott’s Flatland Hugo’s Marion De Lorme Dunant’s Eine Erinnerung an Solferino Bolívar’s Proclamas… Continue reading Download The Classics With Google