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  • Don Giovanni: Rebel Hero or Threat to Society

    The character of Don Giovanni in Mozart’s opera personifies two contrasting aspects of the Enlightment: The embodiment of liberty. Don Giovanni sees himself as exempt from the laws of state, society, culture and religion. In this sense he is the Enlightenment hero, an extreme example of the idea of liberty that marks the age. The […]

  • Video: Analysis of Don Giovanni

    This video from San Diego Opera Talk series provides a useful analysis of the opera Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Lorenzo Da Ponte. Nick Reveles talks through some of the dramatic and musical elements of the opera, providing insight into some of the themes of the work and the effects that Mozart and […]

  • Mozart, Don Giovanni: Best Recorded Version

    I like a mix of different approaches with my favourite classical works. For Don Giovanni, the opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, there are three clear choices, which critics (at least in the UK and Europe) unanimously highlight. 1. Don Giovanni: The Traditional Account Don Giovanni performed by the Philharmonia Chorus and Orchestra, conducted by Carlo […]

  • Mozart’s Don Giovanni: Resources and Links

    The following links offer useful resources for analysis of Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni. Analysis The Nowhere Man – the mystery of Don Giovanni, by Nicholas Lezard Mozart’s Don Giovanni: An Enlightenment Hero? by John Kerns Don Giovanni, man or idea, by Kenneth LaFave Søren Kierkegaard’s Interpretation of Mozart’s Opera Don Giovanni : An Appraisal and […]

  • The Culture Club: Theme for March-May 2009

    March-May 2009 This time we’re looking at the Don’s – Giovanni and Juan (although we’re saving Quixote for a future session). These two are based on the same story, the legend of Don Juan, which probably first saw light of day as the play El burlador de Sevilla y convidado de piedra (The Trickster of […]

  • The Top Ten Violin Concertos of All Time

    My list of the ten greatest violin concertos is a highly personal choice, and subject to amendment depending on: my mood, glorious new recordings, or a particularly brilliant live performance. However, I think I’ve listed the very best examples of the form here (although leaving out Bruch, Szymanowski and Bartok wasn’t easy). 1. Ludwig van […]