Free Beethoven and Mozart Recordings via Podcast

The following post at Open Culture – Open Culture: Free Beethoven and Mozart Recordings via Podcast – promotes free classical recordings available by podcast on the iTunes music store. If the iTunes links in the above blog post don’t work for you (I got ‘failed to find the application’ error messages), go to the music store through the iTunes software and search for the following terms to find each podcast:

  • Classical Masterpieces Deutsche Welle
  • Beethoven Deutsche Welle

2 responses to “Free Beethoven and Mozart Recordings via Podcast”

  1. Dear Friend,


    I live in South Asia, where high quality Classical Music is difficult to obtain if not impossible to obtain.

    I have been looking for Mozart’s 9 Symphonies which were available as Podcasts at “Danish National Radio” from January 2006 all over the internet.

    They were available as 256 kbps MP3’S.

    I got to know about this very late after those Podcasts expired.

    I would be most grateful if you could tell me whether these 9 Symphonies from Danish National Radio are still available at I-Tunes.

    Here is the Link, where they were formerly available.

    Thanks in advance,

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