This Month The Culture Club Is Discussing…

May – July 2011

This month we’ve chosen works that were all published or released in a specific year: 1925. And what a year. In fact the variety of works is quite a surprise.

Here’s what we’ll be looking at.


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  1. Thanks for your comment, philosopherpoet, I’m glad you like the site. I’m afraid, for reasons explained in this post I’ve been a bit lapse on the maintenance of the site recently. But I’m back on the case and I will continue to make sure that there is no offensive and irrelevant spam on the site.

  2. Hi TTucker. Re your comment about being a bit lapse. Do you mean a bit lax? Though being a bit lapse would be an interesting new usage. Btw I got on to your site trying to track down the source of the Blake quote about becoming a slave to another man’s system. Do I have to get off my ass and look up ODQ?

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