About the Culture Club

Hi, I’m Tim Tucker, and I run the Culture Club blog.

I started this blog in the summer of 2006 in order to share the thoughts and insights of a group to which I belong known as the Culture Club: a bunch of my friends (there are currently 7 in the group) that convenes regularly to discuss art, music, literature and culture. It’s like a book club, but we have a broader scope, encompassing all the arts, not just fiction.

The club meets every 6-8 weeks, and for each session we convene at a member’s house for an evening (we rotate the hosting duties) to discuss the works we’ve looked at, while eating a meal cooked by the host and consuming wine in large quantities.

Debate is often heated, and we rarely all agree on the points raised, but we have a great time discussing some amazing and thought-provoking works of art. At the end of the evening we establish the works that we’re going to look at for the next session, often based around a theme. The link at the top of the page, This Month The Culture Club Is Discussing…, outlines the works we’re currently looking at.

The Culture Club Blog

The posts on this blog are usually related to the works we’re looking at in the Culture Club group, but occasionally I reflect back on previous works we’ve discussed, or highlight general cultural issues of interest to the group.

I try to write the posts in such a way that they may be of interest beyond the Culture Club itself, and have found that they often have a resonance with other lovers of art and culture around the world. This is very rewarding, and I’ve found the comments and insights provided by the general readership of this blog have enhanced my appreciation of the works discussed. For this reason I welcome and encourage any comments from all readers.

Subscribe to the Blog

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Rules of the Culture Club

There are very few rules, but we have established the following parameters for the art works we discuss:

Art forms

  • Music – all genres, eg classical, baroque, opera, folk, world, jazz, rock, etc
  • Poetry
  • Drama
  • Literature – short stories, novels
  • Fine art – eg painting, sculpture, installation art, conceptual art, etc
  • Cinema
  • Photography
  • Architecture

Two Ground Rules

  1. We will commit to listen to, view, or read, at least once, whatever we have decided to discuss (no shirking!)
  2. We will approach all our explorations with an open mind (this is not always achieved, it has to be said)


If you’re interested in setting up your own Culture Club and would like some advice, or would like more information on anything to do with this blog, please feel free to contact me at: tim.tucker23@virgin.net


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